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Forensic services

BLD Forensics runs a wide variety of forensic services to bring to light information hidden in your data. Our professional staff will travel to serve you wherever you will be located. We serve law enforcement agencies, government agencies, crime labs, corporations, the private sector, and other professional firms. Our reputation for outstanding integrity and attention to detail has made us a leader in the forensic industry. There is also the use of embedded technology and Computer Forensics Investigation service in California which we practice and provide to our clients. There are experts for each area ranging from computer forensics investigator in Los Angeles and San Diego area. All these services are performed in our lab.

We promise always to deliver reliable services with integrity, professionalism, and high ethical standards. We pride ourselves on serving the community and treating each case with the attention and detail it deserves.

We appreciate your time browsing our website. To learn more about our Forensics services or obtain a free consultation, call our office or send us an email.

What We Do

We provide professional excellence in Digital Forensic investigations for electronic devices to solve Computer crime. Digital forensics can play an important role in all sorts of investigations and reveal the evidence, which is vital to the case.
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Digital Forensic Investigation
We provide a full of Mobile Phone Forensics investigation services in San Diego for electronic devices to solve crime. Whether it is a computer on your desk or a phone in your pocket, your devices retain a lot of personal data, and all of that information may be vulnerable to cybercriminals. What do your devices know about you?
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Mobile Phone Forensics
Web design may seem commonplace today but it comes from a humble start. When Robert Cailliau and Tim Berners-Lee co-founded the World Wide Web in 1989, they probably did not imagine that in their lifetime billions of people across the world would depend on their invention daily.
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Web design
At BLD Forensics we collect and process DNA evidence from a crime scene, DNA is frequently left behind at a crime scene and present all sort of evidence, which are hair, saliva, blood, semen, and we collect those evidence samples to analyse and see if it matched with a suspect's DNA.
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Forensic DNA Testing
At BLD Forensics Company, we offer the most reliable forensic evidence in fingerprint examination. Fingerprints like DNA are unique to the individual. Fingerprints do not usually change and can provide irrefutable evidence in most cases.
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Fingerprint Examination
What comes to mind when you hear the “cyber”? Well, anything related to computers, info tech, the internet, virtual reality and other emerging technologies could pop right in.
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Cyber Security
We provide Background checks service for personal, business, work purpose, insurance or legal purpose. This service helped to know the past history of the person including criminal record, personal history, employment history, education history, driving history and more...
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Background Check
Genetic genealogy is the use of DNA testing to learn about a person’s ancestry and genealogy.
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Genetic Genealogy
Mobile app design refers to the designing of applications for mobile phones and tablets, with attention paid to integrating user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). Without a doubt, most users are selective about the apps that they use and keep on their devices.
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Mobile App Design

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The investigators here at BLD FORENSICS are the best I have ever experienced. They recover all my files on my laptop, I got all my informations back. Excellent service!


Long Beach

My daughter delete her wedding pic’s on her cellphone before backup to iCloud and we call this guy to help us and they did a forensic investigation on my daughter cellphone and they recovered all the pics, emails, deleted messages. I would definitely recommend BLD Forensic to everybody they are professional, polite and knowledgeable.

Catherine R

San Diego.

I am an attorney who uses BLD Forensics for background check on potential Defendants. I am very satisfied with their service and the fees they charge.

Brad Lee

Attorney at Law ( Los Angeles )

I have worked with BLD Forensics for several years. They have been very responsive and helpful with all my needs. I truly recommend them!


Best Jesse Puente

CEO Allied Consulting and Security Services

We help find the truth

BLD Forensics, LLC runs a wide variety of Forensics Investigations services. we assist your case to identify the truth hidden in your data. We commit to offer excellent service professional. We are dedicated to our Forensics services in any part in the US and abroad our staff has traveled to meet you whenever you will located. We provide our services for law enforcement, law firms, government agencies, corporations, private sector and other professionals firms.

About Us

At BLD Forensics, LLC we do an excellent job in the area of Forensics Services. We solve a wide range of criminal cases, civil cases, and malicious activities. We help the client to find all kind of inappropriate sharing of confidential company information and help costumer to understand any activity could put the company at risk and how to avoid it. We work closely with customers in a range of industry to provide support and solve the issue.  

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