Fingerprint Examination

At BLD Forensics Company, we offer the most reliable forensic evidence in fingerprint examination. Fingerprints like DNA are unique to the individual. Fingerprints do not usually change and can provide irrefutable evidence in most cases. At BLD Forensics Company, we offer a complete fingerprint examination service. We search latent fingerprints and palm prints left at crime scenes for both criminal and civil cases.  To gather evidence to check for fingerprints, we collect many items, including cigarette butts, tissue, paper, glass, plastic, checks, candy wrappers, and any other items that may have prints on them. For instance, if a shooting has occurred, we would also check bullet casings for possible prints.

The process to do a complete fingerprint investigation can take a few hours to complete. Our examiners will capture every little detail and even process any partial prints to use in comparisons.

No matter how careful a criminal thinks they are being, they inevitably always leave evidence behind that can prove they were at the scene. Fingerprints can last even a year on some surfaces.

Often fingerprints are not visible to the naked eye giving the criminal the assumption that they have not left any when they have. Our skin produces sweat and oil that leaves marks, making them traceable.

While fingerprints are crucial to identifying persons involved in a crime, they can help identify the victim in many instances where other identification is not readily available.

Fingerprints make a unique image produced from the folds, twists, and turns of the ridges on the fingertip pads. Since no one person’s fingertips are the same, criminals are often identified by taking an ink pad, pressing their fingers into the ink, and pressuring the impression onto paper where it can be compared to prints from the crime scene.

Law enforcement has a database of fingerprints called AFIS or Automated Fingerprint Identification System. Fingerprints are stored in this database and can be electronically compared to prints collected at a crime scene to look for matches.

Our experts at BLD Forensics Company compare the characteristics of fingerprints from a variety of locations. Sometimes you will find latent prints which are invisible to the human eye but can be found on the surface of the human body because of the sweat and oil from one’s prints.

Prints are sometimes found in things such as blood, dirt, paint, or other liquids with which the prints come into contact. Sometimes you can see three-dimensional patterns on soft surfaces like wet paint.

Friction ridges, furrows, and other individual characteristics make each fingerprint unique. Delta points and patterns can be seen, as well. Some other distinctions are loops, arches, and whorls.  Altogether there are nine fingerprint patterns to analyze.

Our trained professionals recognize each one of the patterns. After carefully considering each one, our experts can identify whether the results exclude the person, identify the person, or are inconclusive in rare cases. Inconclusive usually happens when there are not enough known and unknown prints to make a comparison.

If you require fingerprinting services, you can contact us by using the contact form or by emailing us at or calling us and speaking to one of our professional staff today.

The examiners capture every little detail and hence does take some time. All the records are placed and scanned under the Fingerprint Identification System. The entire process often takes 2 hours to complete.

The crime is taking place with a lot of accuracies. But, the criminal always leaves a small proof behind. The research shows that the fingerprints left on the surface can be traced. Often it lasts for a year.

The Fingerprint Examination service Los Angeles explains that we leave footprints at many places despite we cannot even see them as humans. The reason being that the skin produces sweat and oil. Asa result, these fingerprints leave a mark, and hence they are trackable.

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