Mobile App Design

Mobile app design refers to the designing of applications for mobile phones and tablets, with attention paid to integrating user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).

While user experience bothers on a user’s overall experience with a product, service, user interface deals with the interaction between users and computer systems, software, and applications. Both factors go a long way to set a website, mobile app, or computer program apart from others. They are usually designed to be as unique to a product, service, or brand as possible.


Without a doubt, most users are selective about the apps that they use and keep on their devices. They are quick to abandon an app that does not give them a satisfying experience after using it for the first time. Sometimes, they simply download and keep it on the phone without engaging with it. The fact remains that users are conscious of the availability other competing apps that will provide the same solution yet with a better user-experience.
A well-developed UI helps to facilitate an effective interaction between the user and the software, using attractive design, complementary visuals, and sleek responsiveness. All these are aimed at providing users with positive UX, such that they become loyal to the product or services.

Beyond all that, having a good mobile app design communicates a lot about your business or brand to new customers. Imagine driving people from your business’s YouTube Channel or Facebook page to download a particular app. Once these people get to download the app, the design could either prompt to probe further into what it has to offer, or completely turn them off. As such, anyone looking to develop an app and pitch it to a given target audience needs consider design as a top priority. From the planning stage to the development, testing, and deployment stages, an app can come off good but is never completely done. As such, we do not just provide you with an amazing design. Our team of professionals has made available the possibility of reviewing the design and making it work even better for you as new trends unfold.

Google Android and Apple’s iOS are the dominant forces in the smartphone operating systems market. From the outset, every company has to decide the operating systems with which the new app will be compatible. More often than not, the design is tailored to suit these two giants. Nonetheless, some specific needs and target markets could necessitate that you favor either of the two.

Security is the main demand for app designs. With it, users will are assured that their data is safe. Imagine requesting for confidential details of users, perhaps to unlock more features or for subscription, and the security of the app is compromised. The chance of someone whose space was accessed without permission to regain the trust for the app will not be more than slim.

Definitely! Not only can changes be made on a design after launch. There is a need to constantly maintain it, given new trends and the fact that apps are never perfect. They are only good for release at some point after testing.

Unless you are a reincarnate of unicorns like Uber, Facebook, and Twitter to name a few, you may not be quick to realize millions of dollars before making any revenue. So, you need a solid monetization strategy while the mobile app is being designed. We will work with you to get the best strategy to monetize your app.

A lot of factors contribute to the cost of developing a mobile app. Perhaps the number one determinant is the level of complexity of the project. Some projects are simple and require about 100 hours of work. The price might be between 5000-6000 Dollars. Apps with medium level of complexity might go as high as 10000 Dollars and take as much as 200 hours of intense work time. However, super complex apps cost double that amount or more. So, it all depends on what you want. The best bet is for you to discuss your need with the developer who would help you determine what works for you.

There is no definite answer to that question because apps vary based on what they are intended to achieve. A basic app with minimal level of complexity should not take more than 100 hours to complete. But, complex apps require huge database and a lot of details in terms of configuration. To design such an app, it might take the developer close to three weeks.

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