Who We Are?


At BLD Forensics, we do an excellent job in the area of Forensics Services.

At BLD Forensics Company, our missions are to provide excellent analysis in every area of forensics we specialize in so that we can let the science provide the truth wherever it may lead. We understand the effect on our client’s lives and civil liberties, especially when the criminal justice system is involved. We promise always to represent the truth as the evidence leads and present the facts with integrity and honor, understanding the effects our testimony and understanding have on citizens’ ordinary lives.

We solve a wide range of criminal cases, civil cases, and malicious activities. We help the client to find all kind of inappropriate sharing of confidential company information and help costumer to understand any activity could put the company at risk and how to avoid it. We work closely with customers in a range of industry to provide support and solve the issue.


At BLD Forensics Company, our team of experts has many hours of experience in the forensics field. Our team is experienced and well-trained to be the best of their prospective areas in Digital Forensic and Forensic science.

Our team of experts is an experienced and court-approved forensic staff. Our trained follow the proper chain of command when collecting evidence from crimes scenes and continue using proper protocols in the lab to ensure that no evidence becomes contaminated or inadmissible in court.

Our expert team is prepared and knowledgeable witnesses in court. They are well-respected by their peers and those in law enforcement and attorneys alike for their knowledge and expertise in forensics.  

When called to contribute their specialized knowledge and advice on scientific or technical issues, our experts are prepared and organized. They have tested the evidence, gathered the technical information related to the case, and prepared to present the facts to the court in an orderly, easy-to-understand way.

Our professionals write reports and other documentation to provide the best conclusions based on the scientific data and information obtained during the process.

Our experienced forensic experts can convince the judge and jury that their testimony is sound and truthful based on their highly knowledgeable understanding of the data and testing.

The experts at BLD Forensics Company have command of the subject matter in their field but have the knowledge of Federal Rules of Evidence and know the state rules for which they are testifying I and any jurisdictional laws that are relevant to the case.

They are professional and organized when witnessing the facts learned in the case and presenting themself in an organized and ethical way to the court. They can quickly locate any critical pieces of evidence and have updated any reports to show any further testing conducted.

Our experienced team of experts can promptly and intelligently answer all questions directed at them, no matter which side of the court asks them. Their credibility is unquestionable because they thoroughly understand and can explain the evidence and the testing performed.

Our expert witnesses do not allow themselves to become combative or annoyed during questioning, especially during cross-examination, by remaining unflappable throughout their testimony.

Most importantly, our expert witnesses are always entirely ethical. They display objectivity at all times and only speak to the facts as presented by the science.

If you require more information on our experience forensic services, you can contact us by using the contact form or by emailing us at info@bldforensics.com or calling us and speaking to one of our professional staff today.

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