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Check IT Secure IT Secure

CheckITsecure is a software computer security tools that runs from a USB that rapidly assesses the security level of a computer, identifies hardware or system issues and identifies spyware, hackerware and key-loggers. It’s analyser, scan the security, application and system event logs to identify maintenance and security issues for windows computers ONLY.

USB Forensic Write Blocker

A Forensic workstation utility software runs as a service to ensure that every time your computer is booted, all of the USB ports are forensically write blocked. It’s can be disabled to allow for the copying of data to external media and may also be password protected to prevent unauthorized access and much more.


Federal Enclave Law

Written by retired Assistant U.S. Attorney Roger Haines, this is the first treatise on federal enclave law since the government's 1957 Interdepartmental Report. It comprehensively organizes the case law, and explains where the 1957 Report went wrong, in clear, understandable language. It also discusses recent cases holding that, contrary to 100 years of interpretation, some National Forests in North Carolina, Oklahoma and Michigan are under concurrent enclave jurisdiction. The book includes a description of enclaves by federal agency, and particular State laws that apply (or do not yet apply) to federal enclaves, including wage and hour law, whistle blower and anti-discrimination laws, and right to work laws. Criminal topics include the Assimilative Crimes Act, the Posse Comitatus Act, and the Federal Crimes Act of 1790. A chapter is devoted to the the relation of the Enclave Clause to the Supremacy Clause.

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