Web design

Web design may seem commonplace today but it comes from a humble start. When Robert Cailliau and Tim Berners-Lee co-founded the World Wide Web in 1989, they probably did not imagine that in their lifetime billions of people across the world would depend on their invention daily. Businesses, entertainment, education, information, and so on are all wired to the Web, which is easily accessible by anyone with internet connectivity.

As such, there are numerous websites across the world with contents that seek to meet all types of need. You will also find a host of sites that serve the same functions and traget the same audio audience, engendering a healthy competition.

 Given this situation, the quality of service is what places a good website ahead of its competition and its design plays a major part to achieve this. In simple terms, web design is the outlook of a website, comprising several areas such as graphics design, user interface design, authoring, user experience design, and search engine optimization. Web design and development involves conceptualizing online content, arranging them, and looking for ways to give users or visitors a better experience.

While the main function of a website is to create value for visitors, the design is aimed at staying ahead of competition. In order words, a good web design will retain users or visitors while possessing sufficient pull-power for new ones.

Perhaps you need to grow your business and desire a web design that will make your competitors look inadequate. Well, you need not look farther than the topnotch professional services that our company is capable of. We offer web design from conceptualization to hosting, ongoing website maintenance, search engine optimization, social media management, ad design, keyword search, copy writing and a host of other services.

Building a website, especially if done by professionals like us, should take somewhere between 2 to 4 months. However, speedy completion of a web design often depends on many factors. Some of these include the complexity of the design, the availability of the client for feedback, and how much input is available for the job at the early stages.

A lot of factors determine the cost of a web design. One good example is the specific need of each individual project. Some projects would have more features than others, making them vary in price. Nonetheless, we have various packages that will appeal to different categories of clients.

Having a website that ranks high on Google is a lot more difficult these days than it used to be. However, we provide a high-ranking website through our carefully-planned design that takes search engine optimization into consideration.

The basic of a good web design is the same as those of all kinds of designs, especially the ones that involve graphics. Once you are able to keep those elements in mind, you will be empowered to know what to expect from the individual or company that is designing your site. Some of the basics include, good layout, easy navigation, effective and concise, and working links.

Some companies specialize in certain aspects of web development. One rule of the thumb when it comes to owning a website is the need to not change the web designer to another. The best bet is to saddle the company or individual with the management of the site. We offer beyond design and hosting, providing qualitative web maintenance that is attuned to new developments.

The difference is clear. While the design of a website speaks to its visual presentation and anticipated experiences from users or visitors, web development refers to the construction of a site’s structure, which involves sophisticated coding that determine over all functionality of the website. Web Development also involves maintenance.

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