Social Media Investigation

From their humble beginnings, social media forums have become powerful tools for communication and globalization. They’ve also become accessories for business organizations seeking to attract new clients, advertise products and services and consequently boost profitability. Apart from their many uses, social media forums have also evolved into a niche for investigators which is referred to as social media investigations.  In a nutshell, social media investigations require an examination of every aspect of social media profiles (profile, cover, and other photos, posts, friends, etc). It is a relatively new investigation niche when compared to some others.

There are a variety of reasons to indulge in social media investigations. For instance, an investigator may need facial identification of a subject of interest. He or she may also be mandated to scrutinize an individual’s social media profiles and use them to evaluate the individual’s character or personality as part of a background check. Social media profiles can also generate materials that can be tendered as evidence in court, for example, materials that can be linked to participating or supporting terrorist activities and organizations.

Whatever your reasons for needing a social media investigation, our highly trained social media investigators are ready. They are equipped with the latest software and other technologies that can help them keep track of every activity in the profile of interest on a real-time basis.  Not only will they gather useful actionable data/information from all social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube, WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, Tango, Zalo, Discord, Periscope, Slack, Signal, Telegram, etc), they’ll also organize and present them to you in a professional manner that makes it easy for you to analyze and comprehend with or without our investigator.  

Moreover, with our investigators, you do not need to worry whether the investigation is legal or otherwise since we are formally approved by the necessary government bodies in addition to knowing exactly how to conduct these investigations without breaking the law.


There is usually no need to notify the company about the investigations unless it will help generate more insight in terms of the subject of the investigation.

Not at all. We have developed sophisticated methods of accessing information/data from social media profiles without having to breach internet protocol. Moreover, the use of the latest software makes such illegal breaches unnecessary.

It does not matter. We aggregate all the information from the user’s profiles and try to see how best to harness them for the purpose of the investigation.

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