Mobile Phone Forensics

We provide a full of Mobile Phone Forensics investigation services for electronic devices to solve crimes. Whether it is a computer on your desk or a phone in your pocket, your devices retain a lot of personal data, and all of that information may be vulnerable to cybercriminals. What do your devices know about you?

We recovers passwords, credit card numbers, Social security number, deletes files, text messages, Bank Account info, phone calls, recent files, contacts, current location, recent locations, recently visited sites. Mobile phone devices can prove to be valuable sources of information in many types of criminal investigations. A keyboard cache which has usernames, passwords, and historical typed of communication. Anything typed on keyboard iPhone stayed in keyboard cache.

Mobile phone forensics is a branch of digital forensics that focuses on the identification and recovery of data or evidence from mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs, SIM/USIM cards, GPS devices, memory cards, etc

A Forensic Investigator examining a mobile device can obtain useful information from the contacts list, address book, SMS messages, browsing sessions, social media chats, emails, etc.

Early mobile phones lacked the capacity to store large amounts of information hence were not very popular among law enforcement officers seeking information on a suspect.

The focus then was more on phone records from the telecommunications companies. With time, however, smartphones have developed the capacity to hold large-sized information including various kinds of software applications and connectivity options instead of mainly phone records from the telecommunications provider.

Mobile phone forensic analysis involves either manual or automatic extraction of data to be carried out by the mobile phone forensic examiners. Automatic extraction is used when the device is compatible with one or more pieces of forensic software and manual extraction is necessary when no compatible software is present. Automatic reading of a SIM Card is used when the mobile phone is supported by one or more pieces of forensic software. Manual verification is then required to confirm the extracted data is complete and correct. Manual reading of SIM cards is used when the mobile phone is not supported by any forensic software or the support offered is limited to such a degree that very little data is capable of being extracted.

Forensic software will retrieve the information from the phone either by targeting a physical aspect of the phone or a logical aspect. A physical aspect of a mobile would be the SIM as this is an independent storage device and can be separated from the phone, as well as possibly a memory card such as a MicroSD card. A logical aspect is the directories or files residing on the phone. Both physical and logical aspects are key areas for forensic investigation. When deciding what type of software to use, it is also important to take into consideration the type of network the phone is on as well as the actual software OS. There are different types of software some specializing for instance on smartphones and others on Symbian devices. You can trust BLD Forensics for both manual and automatic extraction as well as physical and logical retrieval of information.

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