We provide eDiscovery, also known as Electronic Discovery service to identify, secure, locate, process, review and search electronic data that’s can be find in criminal case or civil litigation case, like lawsuit or investigation. We retrieve data from electronic sources and we have experts team in electronic discovery well knowledgeable for data recovery. We understand the importance of discovering and preserving crucial data located in electronic devices, and we help clients build a narrative, obtain the evidence needed and construct legal arguments, and construct defenses with their data and documents, our team are capable of recover your information from any media source. Electronic discovery or e-discovery allows parties involved in a legal case to preserve, collect, review and exchange information electronically to use it as evidence.

Sources of information that might be used in an e-Discovery include electronically stored information or ESL such as:

  • Emails
  • Microsoft documents
  • Social media posts
  • Instant messaging
  • Smartphone applications
  • Items from a company database

E-Discovery is a process comprised of many different actions linked together, which usually begins when a lawsuit is filed and ends once any evidence is presented in court.

At BLD Forensics Company, we provide e-discovery as one of our services to better serve our client’s needs.  Our teams identify, secure, locate, process, review and search electronic data that may be used in criminal or civil cases.

Our experts retrieve data from a variety of electronic sources. Our IT team is very knowledgeable in data recovery. Discovery and preserving the data is crucial to help build cases that construct legal arguments and defenses.

Our team of professionals can retrieve information from any media source. We can create a timeline with the documents that will show plainly what the parties were thinking and when.

A professional IT team can often retrieve even erased data. This evidence is often like a smoking gun in murder and can change the narrative in court.

Our trained experts will carefully collect, analyze, and format the evidence for court. This process is complicated and complex in most cases. Sometimes an entire case can rest on just a few emails or documents, so e-discovery, while challenging, is very important.

E-discovery is becoming considered the more competent way to present one’s case ethically. E-Discovery combines both legal and technical disciplines. It requires close collaboration between the legal team and the IT team.

As individuals are spending more and more time living in the electronic realm, we can undoubtedly expect e-discovery to continue to grow too.

If you require e-Discovery services, you can contact us by using the contact form or by emailing us at info@bldforensics.com or calling us and speaking to one of our professional staff today. 

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