Digital Forensics Investigations

We provide professional excellence in Digital Forensics investigations for electronics devices to solve Computer crime. Digital forensics can play an essential role in all sorts of investigations and reveal the evidence, which is vital to the case. We are governed and authorized under the forensic investigations and consultancy services sector. We specialize in the field of digital, mobile, and computer crime investing. We preserve, identify, recover, analyze and report on digital data in a way that is legally admissible. We have any kind of powerful hardware and software tools, and our team has the experience to recover any kind of data in the device. No matter any kind of case you have, please feel free to contact us.

We possess the right set of skills and also make use of well-designed forensic equipment. We adhere and follow all the legal rules and procedures. The evidence is collected and proofread and then presented neatly in front of the court. We are the largvices.est digital forensic company in Los Angeles, which caters to all sectors ranging from criminal affairs, collecting and presenting legal proofs, and special undercover forensic services.

Computer forensics is a field of knowledge that scrutinizes digital media with the aim of identifying, preserving, recovering, analyzing, and presenting digital information. It is still a relatively new field meaning that regulatory authorities and policymakers are continuously evolving measures aimed at sanitizing the field in terms of standard or uniform laws and modus across jurisdictions.  Practically, computer forensic investigators deploy a variety of tools or techniques and forensic software to work on digital information in such a way that it can be admissible in court. Computer forensics usually involves recovering either persistent data or volatile data. The former refers to data stored on a hard drive while the latter are data that are not stored but may be found in registries, caches, and RAM.

Because of the delicate nature of digital information, Computer forensics investigators are required to have reliable methods for capturing both persistent and volatile data as well as preserve the integrity of such data. At BLD Forensics, we possess both the expert knowledge and skills as well as modern tools and technologies needed for efficient computer forensics.  Our forensic investigators have the capacity to scrutinize and recover digital information from mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras, hard and flash drives, websites, corporate servers, email, and web servers, among others. Some other professional services we offer include dismantling and coupling malfunctioning computer systems to identify evidence, preserving the integrity of recovered evidence, organizing and presenting the evidence logically, and making court appearances to help validate the recovered evidence as well as the evidence collection process, etc.

Cybercriminals are constantly upgrading their capabilities which enable them to indulge in activities such as stealing and altering information, hacking/invasion of privacy, stealing of intellectual property, fraud, Creation and dissemination of viruses, cyber espionage, and others. As cybercrimes become more sophisticated, you need the computer forensic gurus at Digisec, We possess the capacity to explore all kinds of digital evidence for the identification of internal and/or external threats and to ultimately solve digital crimes.

The digital forensic investigator conducted a various range of steps. The first step involves collecting the digital evidence; thereafter, the examination takes place, and at last, data analysis is conducted by the data forensic investigator San Diego and Los Angeles. 

No, both are different. The digital forensic analysis company Los Angeles conducts and performs a different set of services in the digital arena. Forensic computer services imply that investigation of a computer system is done. On the other hand, digital analysis implies that forensic analysis of all sets of devices such as cell-phones, cameras, etc., are conducted.

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